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Can you name the planets (real or Star Wars) and Big 4 team names based on the given hints?

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HintFull Team NamePlanet Type/League
The planet nearest the sun has an average surface temperature of 152 degrees Fahrenheit.Real/NBA
This planet was mostly used for manufacturing, making this material a likely vital resource.Star Wars/NFL
This planet's moon was heavily forested, making it an ideal ecosystem for this animal, which looks like a larger version of the moon's inhabitants.Star Wars/NFL
A poignant scene shows Luke staring at the kind of suns this planet had.Star Wars/MLB
This planet has been ruled by three kings and seven queens in its history.Star Wars/MLB
Blinding snow on this planet makes this natural disaster a fairly common event.Star Wars/NHL
This planet's largest moon was named for a mythological figure known to clash with others.Real/NFL
The ruler of the gods had a grandfather for whom this planet was named.Real/NHL or NBA
Iron oxide gives this planet its distinctive color.Real/MLB
The home planet of Senator Bail Organa was destroyed by a deadly type of this. (Too soon?)Star Wars/NHL
HintFull Team NamePlanet Type/League
This planet reaches its maximum brightness just before and just after another celestial body can be seen from Earth. Also, it kind of sounds like the capital of Arizona.Real/NBA
At 142,984 kilometers across, this is the largest of all the planets.Real/NFL or MLB
The swampy quality of this planet means you'll have to watch the ground to avoid a bite from one of these.Star Wars/MLB
After ending her second term as queen, Padme came to this planet with this new title.Star Wars/NHL
As the only planet that sustains life (that we know of), it's fair to expect that it will be the governing planet in the solar system if we ever find something living elsewhere.Real/NHL
A city on this planet is known for 'floating,' much like this pond creature.Star Wars/NHL
This hard-to-find planet was hired to create thousands of clones to act as these for the Jedi.Star Wars/NBA
The god this planet was named for was known as the patron god of sailors.Real/MLB
It's best to avoid getting your robe caught in these on this planet if you don't want to be horribly disfigured.Star Wars/NHL

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