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Forced Order
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The Arts
A famous female painter nicknamed 'Klee Wyck' 
A Depression-era French-Canadian vocalist 
Leader of the Group of Seven in Montreal 
A well-known theatre festival in a former Ontario railroad town 
Building Democracy
Two politicians who teamed up to unite Upper and Lower Canada 
A journalist who wrote articles from jail and submitted them in pie plates 
Two Quebec politicians who led the expansion of Jewish rights in the British Empire 
A Labour Party member responsible for the introduction of old-age pensions 
The system that took the selection of the Governor General out of the British monarch's control 
Canada and the World
The World's Fair that was hosted on a man-made island 
The author of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
A surgeon who died after being exposed to HIV-infected blood in Uganda 
A former Governor General's wife who aided WWII refugees 
A Mennonite system of finding liquid nourishment that inspired an invention for developing nations 
Canadian Symbols
The ship pictured on the Canadian dime 
The red-and-white result of MP John Matheson's search for a symbol of Canadian unity 
A British author who posed as an Aboriginal environmentalist 
The orchestra that played the earliest version of Canada's national anthem 
A Mountie known for turning American gold-diggers away from the Klondike 
A rumbly little tumbly all stuffed with fluff named for the capital city of Manitoba 
The founder of a famous ATV corporation 
A manufacturer of church organs 
The French term for a network of telephone cables 
A Toronto movie theatre owner who invented the multiplex 
A French explorer credited with giving Canada its name 
A French explorer who mistook Lake Michigan for a route to China 
An Italian sea captain who discovered Canada's once-vast cod fisheries 
The Scandinavian raiders who, arguably, discovered North America 
First Nations
A humanoid rock sculpture commonly seen in the Canadian North 
The Metis 'father of Manitoba' who was hanged for treason 
A popular legend of the uniting of the five Iroquois tribes 
A Sioux leader known for resistance efforts against U.S. soldiers 
A black coal miner in Nova Scotia credited with saving the lives of six trapped miners 
Joe Shuster's strongman in blue tights 
A school intended to teach basic math and literacy to Canadian labourers 
The discoverer of dinosaur remains in Drumheller, Alberta 
The sender of the first transatlantic radio message at Signal Hill 
He said 'global village' and 'The medium is the message' 
A Ukrainian Alberta town that first offered free medical services 
The CPR engineer who invented Standard Time 
'Dr. ________, I smell burnt toast!' 
A posthumous Victoria Cross winner who saluted to his friend before jumping from a burning plane 
A famous jet fighter that was scrapped by the government before seeing battle 
Second-in-command of Canada's first peacekeeping mission in the Congo 
The governor of colonists in New France who sent away British invaders 
The result of a collision between a Belgian relief ship and a French steamship 
The social housing program that spawned Canada's post-war boom 
The author of a well-known Remembrance Day poem 
An area of France where Allied forces landed on D-Day 
The only known woman to fly for the RCAF in WWII 
A woman arrested by the Gestapo by providing aid to injured Allied airmen 
A Winnipeg-born soldier who fell on a grenade to save his fellow men in the location of Canada's first WWII battle 
Canada's most-decorated Aboriginal veteran 
The new name for Winnipeg's Pine Street after three of its residents won the Victoria Cross 
The French site of the Allies' first major victory in WWI 
Settling Canada
An explosive substance used by Chinese immigrants to open tunnels during the construction of the CPR 
Irish children adopted to Quebec families in the 1850s 
A region of Quebec that was felled by fire due to unusual dry heat 
A temporary shelter constructed out of earth by European immigrants 
The sweet substance introduced to French settlers by Native Canadians 
The route traveled to Canada by escaped black slaves 
The game invented by James Naismith in 1891 
The MLB's first black player, who played for the former Montreal Royals 
'The Snake' who invented the goalie mask 
The arena that used to stand on the corner of Carleton and Church in Toronto 
The nickname of the Hab who scored 5 goals and 3 assists in one game 
The name of Canada's pink-hatted rowing team in 1867 
The leader of reform to Canada's penal system 
The leader of the drive to have women legally defined as 'persons' in the British Empire 
The first woman to receive a medical license in Canada 
An unofficial messenger for British and Iroquois forces and maker of delicious ice cream (sort of) 
A woman who assists in the process of natural childbirth 
Canada's most famous suffragist 
The occupation of the woman in the painting 'The Meeting of the School Trustees' 

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