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QUIZ: Can you name the Sopranos Characters by TV Tropes?

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Forced Order
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Distracted by the Luxury, Hot for Preacher, Not So Above it All
Authority in Name Only, Dirty Old Man, Nerd Glasses
Domestic Abuse, The Mole, Ugly Guy, Hot Wife
Bus Crash, Death Is Dramatic, You Remind Me of X
Dragon Ascendant, Fatal Flaw, Politically Incorrect Villain
Cool Car, Happily Married, We Used to Be Friends
The Big Guy, Real Men Wear Pink, Ruthless Foreign Gangsters
Greedy Jew, Hypocritical Humor, No Celebrities Were Harmed
Calling the Old Man Out, Ivy League, Mouthy Kid
Childhood Friends, Morality Pet, Work Off the Debt
Face Death with Dignity, Mistaken Identity, Neighborhood-Friendly Gangster
Anti-Villain, Big Screwed-Up Family, Epiphany Therapy
The Bartender, Divorce Is Temporary, Old Flame
Boxed Crook, Death by Sex, Too Dumb to Live
Confess in Confidence, Critical Psychoanalysis Failure, The Fettered
Ambiguous Disorder, Drama Queen, Family Values Villain
Face of a Thug, Self-Made Man, Sore Loser
Chekhov's Skill, Cruel and Unusual Death, One Steve Limit
The Caretaker, Gentle Giant, Rail Enthusiast
Black Sheep, Cool Aunt, Narcissist
Breakout Character, Malaproper, Psychopathic Manchild
Demoted to Extra, Wham Line, Woman Scorned
A--hole Victim, BDSM, Would Hit a Girl
Book Dumb, Bungled Suicide, The Slacker
The Caretaker, Inspirationally Disadvantaged, Mother Russia Makes You Strong
Insane Troll Logic, I Coulda Been a Contender, Nepotism

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