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Can you finish the quotes from Harold S. Plinkett's reviews of the Star Wars prequels?

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Forced Order
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'Who cares if the prequels are dark? My _____ is dark!'
'George Lucas didn't ruin my childhood. F**king _____ did!'
'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the most disappointing thing since __ ___.'
'A guy named _______ _________ once said, 'Brevity is the soul of wit.''
'Anybody wanna help me milk my ___?'
'Don't say it was the will of the Force, unless you want me to send you a _____ ____.'
'Let's recap a little on the whole prequel trilogy, and how it ruined 6 years of everyone's lives. Even starving African children in ________.'
' Unfortunately Natalie Portman doesn't take off her clothes at any point. In fact, now she dresses like a f**king ______ or something.'
'And someone even said it was the bestest movie ever because it had ____ in it.'
' If you ask me, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi should have been combined to form a new character, called ______ ______.'
'I do have to go to traffic court soon though, I accidentally ran over a ______ ______ with my car. '
'The Phantom Menace is now the greatest example of cinematic ____ _____ in the history of motion pictures.'
'A vacuum would've been a better thing to build, or maybe a ________.'
'So Anakin kneels before _______ ____ . . .'
'. . . and pledges his loyalty to the _________ _____.'
'It's good to show contempt for your audience. Just ask _______ ___. '
'What red-blooded male wouldn't wanna dock his canoe in ________ ____, ___?'
'Anakin is even ____ ________ than Nute Gunray.'
'Episode III isn't art, it's __________ ________.'
'F**k you, ____ ______.'

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