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Can you name the Friday Night Lights characters by their TV tropes?

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Forced Order
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Closet Geek, Iron Woobie, When He Smiles
Good Ol' Boy, Sexist Used Car Salesman, Your Cheating Heart
Disappeared Dad, Hard Drinking Party Guy, Vitriolic Best Buds
Earn Your Happy Ending, Justified Criminal, Only Known by Their Nickname
Amazingly Embarrassing Parents, The Cheerleader, Stepford Smiler
Broken Bird, Poisonous Friend, She's Got Legs
Adorkable, Odd Friendship, Snark Knight
Broken Ace, Decoy Protagonist, The Determinator
A Father to His Men, Nice Hat, Reasonable Authority Figure
Abusive Parents, No Social Skills, Put on a Bus
Beware the Nice Ones, Only Sane Man, The Smart Guy
Fan Nickname, Mama Bear, The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry

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