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Can you correct the historical details about Henry VIII that were altered for 'The Tudors'?

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In the show, Henry has only one sister, Princess Margaret; she is a composite of his two real-life sisters, one named Margaret and the other with this name:
In the show, Henry consistently styles himself as King of Ireland; in real life, he did not use this style until he broke with Rome and instead styled himself as ____ of Ireland:
In the show, Katherine Howard is said to be a 'distant relation' of the Duke of Norfolk; in real life, he had this relationship to her:
In real life, the court of Cleves displayed the arms of the United Duchies of J├╝lich-Cleves-Berg; in the show, the arms of this 18th century kingdom are displayed:
In the show, Henry's illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy, dies as a child; in real life, he died at this age:
In real life, Cardinal Wolsey died of an unspecified illness; in the show, he dies this way:
In real life, the Earl of Surrey came to court while his cousin, Anne Boleyn, was queen; in the show, this woman is queen when he arrives in England:
In the show, Anne Boleyn typically appears with her hair uncovered; in real life, she would most often have worn this type of headpiece seen in her most famous portrait:
In real life, the Countess of Salisbury and her son were executed while Katherine Howard was queen; in the show, they are executed before Henry meets this queen:
In the show, Charles Brandon only has one legitimate son; in real life, he had this many legitimate children, plus two illegitimate children:
In real life, Princess Margaret married King James IV of Scotland; in the show, she marries the king of this country:
In the show, Pope Clement VII succeeds Pope Alexander VI, passing over Cardinal Wolsey; in real life, this pope succeeded Alexander VI:
In the show, Katherine of Aragon is portrayed by the black-haired Maria Doyle Kennedy; in real life, her hair was actually this colour:
The opening credits of the show feature the sun rising over a building that was not completed until 1923 and is located in this country:
In the show, Henry feasts on a trumpeter swan; in real life, this species would not have been found in England as it comes from this country:
In the show, Sir Thomas More orders Simon Fish to be burned at the stake; in real life, he died of this disease:
In real life, Anne Askew took up to 15 minutes to die; in the show, she gets a quick death after a sack of this is placed around her neck:
In the show, it takes approximately one year for Henry to divorce Katherine of Aragon; in real life, it was this many years until he married Anne Boleyn:
In the show, Eustace Chapuys has a Spanish accent; in real life, because of his birthplace, he would have had this accent:
In the show, Catherine Parr is portrayed as significantly older than Lady Mary; in real life, she was only this many years older:
In the show, Henry introduces his daughters to Anne of Cleves with the title 'Princess'; in real life, they never regained that title and instead were known by this title:
In real life, Katherine Howard was the first of two female prisoners to be beheaded; in the show, this lady was beheaded before her:
In the show, Jane Seymour comes to court as a lady to Anne Boleyn; in real life, they both served as ladies to this queen:
In real life, Thomas Cranmer remained at court until Mary became queen; in the show, he stopped appearing after this queen's death:

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