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Cause Fire Damage
Greater form of previous spell
greater for still
greatest form from XII
Cause Ice Damage
greater for of previous spell
greater still
cause lightening damage
greater from
greater still
Extreme Heat for everyone
Breezy Wind
Cause Water damage
Cause Wind damage
Great form of previous spell
Impending Destiny
Rest In Peace
Twin Cast from FF IV
Twin Cast from FF IV
Heal everyone a little
I don't feel good.....
Reverse the spell of #21
Who turned the lights off?
Reverse the spell of #23
Be Well!
Greater form of #25
Reduces phsyical damage
Greater form of # 27
greater yet
Reduce maigcal attack
Reduce speical attacks
reduce speical magic attack
A spell speical from XII
Cause 9999 dmg if you have good MGC
Stop time to allow two action
Increase the next attack of allies
Same as #36 but from FF I
Makes allies senseless
Turn yourself into a statue
One of the blue magic that Kefka knew
Another one that Kefka knew
Kefka did this to get you down to 1 Hp
Better Form of Comet
Better Form of pyro
Go back to the beginning of battle
Conduct the flow of battle
So that you can't move
So that you can't speak
to drive the enemy away
To dodge the enemy easily
another way to make dodging easy
To render Titan harmless
Get back on your feet
Rise from the dead
So you don't have to fear dying
Reduce your HP by 1/8
Reduce HP by 3/4
Greatest form of Healing
White Magic ownage from XII
let time heal the wound
Speed it up
Make time past without haste
Don't Move!
YOur HP is mine!
Thank you for your MP!
No magic for you!
Begone, foul demon!
Go into an alternate dimension!
Fall into a slumber......
lets see what we have here......
Know thy enemy!
im not drunk.... im just......
Older form of spell # 73
Now I'm Here..... now i'm not!
I'm small! (Transformation spell)
Rabbit-rabbit! (Tran Spell)
I feel..... ~ish (Tran spell)
Do you have any leftover?
No protection for you!
Works better than spell #80
The earth is mov-vin-ing!
You can have it back!
Shower of rocks from FF XII
Reduce flame damage
reduce ice damage
reduce lightning damage
reduce water damage
Random Bouns~ Shiva
Random Bouns~ Ramuh
Random Bouns~ Ifrit
Decrease your attack and defense
Added effectiveness to attacks
Somewhat like Hold
The Other half of Esuna (Old)
Inflict amensia to target
Exchange HP and MP /w target
The other name for rasp
the Old instant Death
Random Summon~ bahamut
A spell known to 'The Undying One'
Causes non-elemental damage

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