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Forced Order
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Parched land, no desert sand/The sun is just a dot
My ears will melt, and then my eyes
By Silverfish Imperatrix, whose incorrupted eyes/Sees through the charms of doctors and their wives
Hornswoop me bungo pony on dogsled on ice!
They'd like to make it with my big black dog/But they just don't know how to ask
It's past midnight said Charles the grinning boy/Then looking at me greedily, said it's 1964
I'm after rebellion/I'll settle for lies
Like acid and oil on a mad man's face his reason tends to fly away
Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity
Motiveless murder the papers screamed/The cops all say the crowd was iced by the sight
Rinji news o moshiagemasu!/Godzilla ga Ginza hoomen e mukatte imasu!
That night her kiss told me it was over/I walked out late into the dark
Last entry read 'Rats in the hold/My crew is dead - I fear the plague'
Pretty girls have a love affair with their eyes and their shining hair
Jim says 'Some destinies should not be delivered'/But you and I baby know, that still they are
I got this feeling that my luck is none too good/This sword here at my side don't act the way it should
Boy, if I only had a big guitar and a big amp/Boy, wouldn't be someone else taking my girl away
Burn out the day/Burn out the night/I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm young enough to look at but far too old to see/All the scars are on the inside
Don't ask if they are real/The men in black, their lips are sealed
I could mail a letter to you but I still have my pride
Do you know Jacques Cousteau?
So ladies, fish and gentlemen, here's my angled dream
Freud have mercy on my soul/I can't fight this anymore
Now is the time the moon is in alignment with the unknown zodiac, the untold sign

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