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Can you name the little-known facts of the pokemon games?

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First Pokemon ever programmed into the games?
Worst Pokemon by stats alone?
Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri's favorite Pokemon?
Explosion has an effective base power of what?
Gary's Japanese name is based on what game creator?
What real-life animal is Armaldo based on?
What real-life animal is Cradily based on?
Was going to be Ash's pokemon until Pikachu proved to be more popular.
Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri was inspired to make pokemon by what?
Focus Energy did what in Red/Blue/Yellow?
What was Gyarados' planned English name?
There is one pokemon game that was not released in America in the 1990s. What was it?
What are Koffing and Weezing based off of?
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What is Lucario's name origin?
The type combination Dragon/Fire hits every pokemon for neutral or supereffective damage except for what?
This popular satire website had one of its members on the English translation team for Diamond/Pearl.
If a Spiritomb is hacked to have the ability Wonder Guard, there is one move that will still hit it. What is it?
All of Eevee's evolutions have types that were categorized as special prior to generaion IV, but one type is yet to be accounted for. Which is it?
In Pokemon Black and White, there is a move called Afro Break. It is identical to Double-Edge, except for what?
Sinnoh is physically based off of which Japanese island?
Your rival in Red/Blue/Yellow does not have this pokemon starting with the battle in Lavander Town.
What pokemon has an entire song devoted to it in real life?
According to official sources, how old is Team Galactic Leader Cyrus?
In Japanese, Cyrus and Cynthia's names come from what colors?
What was the name of the project that eventually became Pocket Monsters, then Pokemon?
Bronzong is based on what Japanese artifact?

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