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Can you tell which of these Youtube facts are true (T) or false (F)?

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The first video posted on Youtube was a cat video.
The first Youtube Poop ever made was done with the series, 'The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3'.
The video with the most dislikes is Justin Bieber's 'Baby'.
Ray William Johnson stopped making =3 videos after he lost interest in hosting the series.
Currently, the most viewed video on the website is 'Charlie Bit My Finger' with 2 billion views.
'Smosh: The Movie' features a lot of cameos from famous Youtubers, including nigahiga.
NicePeter and EpicLloyd are the guys responsible for Epic Rap Battles of History but only NicePeter has his own Youtube channel.
YouTube was originally conceived as a dating website.
One of the most subscribed user on YouTube at one point was an elderly WWII-veteran explaining his life stories in a vlog format.
The first Youtube headquarters was located above a pizzeria.

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