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Forced Order
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HintSuperhero MovieYear
You won't believe a man can spin around the world1978
Bestiality from the guy that made Star Wars1986
Mr. Mom beats up that guy from The Shining1989
Sewer monsters eat pizza with a weather girl1990
Suit with nipples, whiny sidekick1995
Franchise gets ICED!1997
Black man kills emo kids1998
Huge man jacks movie2000
With great power comes dead uncle2002
You wouldn't like me when I'm boring2003
A CATastrophic failure2004
Franchise BEGINS to not suck2005
Phoenix rises, Franchise falls2006
Franchise RETURNS to sucking2006
Ah HELL no!2007
Venom poisons the franchise2007
HintSuperhero MovieYear
Not related to the Black Sabbath song2008
Only watch it for the wacky clown2008
The greatest Bob Dylan music video2009
Merc without the mouth2009
Deadpool in Space?2011
The Human Torch in WW2?2011
Anyone down for shawarma2012
Back Bane2012
Gandhi is now an orange but not really2013
Illegal aliens cause massive property damage2013
Only watch it for the fast guy2014
Merc got his mouth back2016
Billionaire attacks illegal alien cause of Zuckerberg2016
Only watch it for the airport scene2016
Franchise commits SUICIDE2016

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