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Forced Order
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There was already someone there — but it wasn't Snape. It wasn't even Voldemort.
'Don' mind if it wriggles a bit; I think I still got a couple o' dormice in one of the pockets.'
Harry wanted to watch Hagrid until he was out of sight; he rose in his seat and pressed his nose against the window, but he blinked and Hagrid was gone.
...Harry woke, sweating and shaking. He rolled over and fell asleep again, and when he woke the next day, he couldn't remember the dream at all.
'I'm going to have a lot of fun with Dudley this summer...'
There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.
When Harry pulled back his sheets, he found his Invisibility Cloak folded neatly underneath them. There was a note pinned to it: Just in case.
Someone was outside, knocking to come in.
'It'll be gone by next Tuesday,' said Ron.
'To Harry Potter — the boy who lived!'
Had Hagrid collected that package just in time? Where was it now? And did Hagrid know something about Snape that he didn't want to tell Harry?
It was only when he was back in bed that it struck Harry that Dumbledore might not have been quite truthful. But then, he thought, had been quite a personal question.
It looked as though Harry had found out where the grubby little package from vault seven hundred and thirteen was.
Hagrid raised a gigantic fist and knocked three times on the castle door.
Everybody knew that Dudley's gang hated that odd Harry Potter in his baggy clothes and broken glasses, and nobody liked to disagree with Dudley's gang.
They'd left the Invisibility Cloak on top of the tower.
Hagrid looked furious with himself.

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