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Forced Order
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'Look, I didn't learn joined-up writing for nothing, you know!'
'All right,' he said angrily, 'pick one and get on, then.'
'Oh, I'm going to kill Mundungus Fletcher!'
'Put on your dressing gown - we're going to see the Headmaster.'
They'll know we're right in the end, thought Harry miserably... But he wondered how many attacks like Seamus's he would have to endure before that time came.
'There's nothing you can do, Harry... nothing... he's gone.'
He looked around at the others. They were all staring at him, the strings still trailing from their ears, looking suddenly fearful.
There was a tiny pop, and the place where Sirius's head had been was flickering flame once more.
The polished wooden floor was gone from beneath his feet; the Atrium, Fudge and Dumbledore had all disappeared and he was flying forwards in a whirlwind of colour and sound...
Harry's heart was beating a violent tattoo against his Adam's apple. He swallowed hard, turned the heavy iron door handle and stepped inside the courtroom.
Harry... wondered, with a feeling of great trepidation, what had happened to make Lord Voldemort the happiest he had been in fourteen years.
Harry ignored it. He felt older than he had ever felt in his life and it seemed extraordinary... that... he had been worried about a joke shop and who had got a prefect's badge.
But somebody screamed as Voldemort lowered his wand again; ...Harry awoke as he hit the ground, still yelling... as the Great Hall erupted all around him.
'I see you've met my mother.'
His restless night was punctuated once more by dreams of long corridors and locked doors and he awoke next daywith his scar prickling again.
Mrs Weasley beckoned imperiously to her sons and Hermione. One by one, they stood up, and Harry, recognising defeat, followed suit.
And without looking once at Harry, he swept from the dungeon.
Professor McGonagall... held open the door for him. 'Well, I'm glad you listen to Hermione Granger at any rate', she said, pointing him out of her office.
'You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts... but you can't deny he's got style...'
Harry had never before appreciated just how beautiful the village of Hogsmeade was.
Harry... rather thought he saw a small cloud of birds erupting into the air..., almost as though the tree in which they had been nesting had just been pulled up by their roots.
'Fire away then, Rita,' said Hermione serenely, fishing a cherry out from the bottom of her glass.
Not altogether reassured, Harry followed her.
Harry looked up at him and saw a tear trickling down Dumbledore's face into his long silver beard.
'Hagrid's back.'
They argued all the way back to the common room, but Harry was not listening to them. He... was... thinking of Cho saying he made her nervous.
'Now turn around, nice and slowly, and give that to me.'
And he traipsed off to the boys' stairs, leaving her looking slightly disappointed.
Harry lowered his eyes to his own plate. The thought that Dumbledore had been in the house on the eve of his hearing and not asked to see him made him feel... even worse.
What was making Harry feel so horrified... was that he knew how it felt to be humiliated..., and that... his father had been every bit as arrogant as Snape had always told him.
'This is Firenze,' said Dumbledore happily to a thunderstruck Umbridge. 'I think you'll find him suitable.'
'I don't care if she throws out Trelawney, but she's not getting rid of Hagrid!'
The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London.
'Lead on.'
And Peeves... swept his belled hat from his head and sprang to a salute as Fred and George... sped out of the open front doors into the glorious sunset.
Umbridge's hand was still making snatching movements amongst the flames, as though she knew exactly where Sirius's hair had been moments before and was determined to seize it.
Instead, he... led the way out of the station towards the sunlit street, with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley hurrying along in his wake.

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