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Forced Order
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Hermione ploughed her way back to Hagrid's cabin through two feet of snow on Sunday morning.
'I'll bet you wish you hadn't given up Divination now, don't you, Hermione?'
Dinner in the Great Hall that night was not a pleasant experience for Harry.
Ron's euphoria at helping Gryffindor scrape the Quidditch Cup was such that he couldn't settle to anything next day.
Was this why Dumbledore would no longer meet Harry's eyes?
HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED RETURNS: In a brief statement on Friday night, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge confirmed that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... is once more active.
Harry wound his hand tightly into the mane of the nearest Thestral, placed a foot on a stump nearby and scrambled clumsily onto the horse's silken back.
Hermione made no mention of Harry giving Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons for two whole weeks after her original suggestion.
I've just been attacked by Dementors and I might be expelled from Hogwarts.
'He hasn't gone!'
Dumbledore's abrupt departure took Harry completely by surprise.
Black shapes were emerging out of thin air...; eyes glinted through slits in hoods, a dozen lit wand tips were pointing directly at their hearts; Ginny gave a gasp of horror.
They had expected to have to comb Hermione's Daily Prophet carefully next morning to find the article Percy had mentioned in his letter.
Harry had a troubled night's sleep.
BY ORDER OF THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC: Dolores Jane Umbridge (High Inquisitor) has replaced Albus Dumbledore as Head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry's question was answered the very next morning.
The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive.
Harry felt as though he were carrying... a glowing secret that supported him through Umbridge's classes... as he looked into her horrible bulging eyes.
'Your -?' 'My dear old mum, yeah.'
Harry was so relieved she was taking him seriously that he did not hesitate, but jumped out of bed at once, pulled on his dressing gown and pushed his glasses back on to his nose.
Harry felt happier for the rest of the weekend than he had done all term.
Harry did not want to tell the others that he and Luna were having the same hallucination, he said nothing more about the horses as he... slammed the door behind him.
Kreacher, it transpired, had been lurking in the attic.
'But why haven't you got Occlumency lessons anymore?'
Mrs Weasley followed them upstairs looking grim.
Harry's feet hit solid ground; his knees buckled a little and the golden wizard's head fell with a resounding clunk to the floor.
Harry was first to wake up in his dormitory next morning.
Harry awoke at half past five the next morning as abruptly and completely as if somebody had yelled in his ear.
'What's the Order of the -?'
The story of Fred and George's flight to freedom was retold so often... that... eye-witnesses... had seen the twins dive-bomb Umbridge... before zooming out of the doors.
'What?' said Harry blankly.
Harry gasped; he could not help himself.
'I'm not going... I don't need the hospital wing... I don't want...'
Seamus dressed at top speed next morning and left the dormitory before Harry had even put on his socks.
Harry had no idea what Hermione was planning, or even whether she had a plan.
Harry sprinted up to the boys' dormitories...; ...he and Ron were ready to leave... before Hermione hurried back down..., wearing... one of her own knobbly elf hats.
Luna said vaguely that she did not know how soon Rita's interview with Harry would appear in The Quibbler, ... '...Harry's might have to wait for the following issue.'
'Umbridge has been reading your mail, Harry.'

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