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Forced Order
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Harry fell, panting, on to grass and scrambled up at once.
'Harry, stop.'
It was snowing by the time Hermione took over the watch at midnight.
There was no means of steering; the dragon could not see where it was going, and Harry knew that if it turned sharply, they would find it impossible to cling onto its broad back.
Finally, the truth.
Harry was bleeding.
Early next morning, before the other two were awake, Harry left the tent to search the woods around them for the oldest, most gnarled and resilient-looking tree he could find.
He was lying face down on the ground again.
As August wore on, the square of unkempt grass in the middle of Grimmauld Place shrivelled in the sun until it was brittle and brown.
The enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall was dark..., and below it, the four long house tables were lined with... students, some in travelling cloaks, others in dressing gowns.
Everything seemed fuzzy, slow.
When Harry woke the following day, it was several seconds before he remembered what had happened.
The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane.
'Hagrid?' Harry struggled to raise himself out of the debris of metal and leather that surrounded him; his hands sank into inches of muddy water as he tried to stand.
The sun was coming up; the pure, colourless vastness of the sky stretched over him, indifferent to him and his suffering.
Their plans were made, their preparations complete; in the smallest bedroom, a single long, coarse, black hair... lay curled in a small glass phial on the mantelpiece.
Harry had not expected Hermione's anger to abate overnight, and was therefore unsurprised that she communicated mainly by dirty looks and pointed silences next morning.
Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year.
If Kreacher could escape a lake full of Inferi, Harry was confident that the capture of Mundungus would take a few hours at most.
The moment her finger touched the Mark, Harry's scar burned savagely, the starry room vanished from sight... and there was triumph in his heart - 'they have the boy.'
The shock of losing Mad-Eye hung over the house in the days that followed; ...the other Order members... passed in and out to relay news.
Three o'clock on the following afternoon found Harry, Ron, Fred and George standing outside the great, white marquee in the orchard, awaiting the arrival of the wedding guests.
Harry woke early next morning, wrapped in a sleeping bag on the drawing-room floor.
'Ah, Mafalda!' said Umbridge, looking at Hermione.
Harry's feet touched road.
He was walking along a mountain road in the cool, blue light of dawn.
He lay face down, listening to the silence.
Harry ran back upstairs to his bedroom, arriving at the window just in time to see the Dursleys' car swinging out of the drive and off up the road.
Harry turned to look at Ron and Hermione.
Bill and Fleur's cottage stood alone on a cliff overlooking the sea, its walls embedded with shells and whitewashed.
It was like sinking into an old nightmare; ...he was staring at a tiny body curled upon the grass, pierced by Bellatrix's silver knife.
Harry remained kneeling at Snape's side... until quite suddenly, a... voice spoke so close to them that Harry jumped to his feet... thinking that Voldemort had re-entered the room.
Harry looked round at the other two, now mere outlines in the darkness.
'Neville - what the - how -?'
Harry opened his eyes and was dazzled by gold and green; he had no idea what had happened, he only knew that he was lying on what seemed to be leaves and twigs.
The sound of the front door slamming echoed up the stairs and a voice yelled, 'Oi! You!'
The world had ended, so why had the battle not ceased, the castle fallen silent in horror, and every combatant laid down their arms?

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