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GameName Hints
Street FighterThe guy with the bandanna
Gears of War Best Friend of the War Prisoner
Cod Modern Warfare series Soap
Left 4 DeadWar Veteran
Crash Bandicoot His sister
MinecraftMain Protaganist
COD Modern Warfare 2Do everything
Gears of War War Prisoner
MetroidLast name Aran
Left 4 Dead 2Nobody absolutely knows what he is saying (Rides on people)
Sonic the Hedgehog Annoying but helpful
minecraftFinal Boss in the Divine RPG or regular game without mods
The Force Unleashed It's tough if you don't play star wars games (last name is Marek)
GameName Hints
Street FighterGirl Character that can kick a lot of things at once
Cod Black OpsSon
Left 4 Dead 2Criminal convict
Left 4 DeadCrys
Super Mario BrosCan't get any more ovious
Cod Black OpsDad
HaloCan survive falling from space
Legend of ZeldaNot the boy
Tomb RaiderWomen
MinecraftThat's a very nice house you have there, it would be a asshhame it something happen to it
Quantum Of SolaceSecret Agent number
Legend OF ZeldaThe boy

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