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Forced Order
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Person Killed instead of the intended Padme
In charge of security
Assassin who attempted to kill Padme
How long has it been Since Anakin last saw padme
Obi wan:Besides your senses are not attuned my young apprentice Anakin: And yours are? Obi wan:_______
What does anakin do to try and make sure the assassin does not become deep fried
What is Zam wessel?
Where does Zam run to?
Where does Obi wan go to find out about the saber dart?
Anakin describes Obi wan as wise as who?
And as powerful as who?
What do Anakin and Padme travel as
What non-existent planet does Obi wan travel to?
To Find this cloner?
Who introduces him to the president?
Then finds the bounty hunter he was looking for
The queen of naboo
Which jedi master asked for a clone army?
Anakin:And it gets everywhere not like you, you're everything____and______
What are jedi forbidden to do?
According to Anakin Jedi don't have__________
Obi wan throws a tracking device onto what ship?
On Tatooine Anakin meets Shmi's husband who is he?
And his son?
His son's girlfriend?
What does Obi wan do make the bounty hunter think he is dead?
What planet does Obi wan follow this bounty hunter to
The robotic separatist?
Who kills Shmi Skywalker
He is Captured by Darth_______
What does anakin promise to his mum?
C3po: Machines......
The arena in which Anakin Obi wan and Padme are meant to be killed?
The creature Obi wan is faced with
The creature Anakin is faced with
The creature Padme is faced with
How many Jedi do you SEE draw their lightsabers at Geonosis
Who kills answer 16
Droid:My legs aren't moving I ....
Who kills answer 36?
When the jedi are surrounded three jedi are put into the middle who are they?
Who kills answer 37?
What ridiculous out of order line does yoda say about the jedi beneath him?
C3po:I had the........
Anakin:Aim right above the........
What would Padme do if she was in Anakin's position?
Count Dooku:Brave of you boy I'd have thought you would have learnt your lesson Anakin:.....
Where does Count Dooku cut Obi wan?
What does Anakin cut in half during his duel with count dooku?
How many times does yoda show off his power of the force during his confrontation with Count dooku?
What Planet does Count Dooku travel to after the battle of Geonosis?

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