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Definition or DescriptionVocabulary Term
The system of how money and goods are produced in a country
To sell goods and services to other countries
The numbers you study to decide the health of a country's economy
In this economy, the government controls production and prices.
The type of industry that harvests and mines raw materials
The value of all goods and services produced by a country in a single year.
Countries with strong economies and a high quality of life
A term that means 'per person' and is used to describe economic indicators for a country.
Service industries
Definition or DescriptionVocabulary Term
Business, trade, communication and transportation that takes place around the globe.
An economy in which people grow their own food and make their own goods.
Industry that uses raw materials to make a product
To buy goods and services from other countries.
Industry that involves information and research
An economy based on freed trade and competition
Describes nations with a low level of material well-being
An economy that blends economic freedom and government regulation

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