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If by my life or death I can save youAragorn
all we have to decide is Gandalf
let them come! there is Gimli
I would cut off your head, dwarfEomer
that is noLegolas
by the blood of our peopleBoromir
an hour of wolvesAragorn
spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered,Theoden
open war is upon youAragorn
fool of a took! throw yourself in next timeGandalf
Riders of Rohan! oaths you have taken! now, fulfil them allEomer
incomplete quoterest of quotesaid by
do not come between a nazgulWitch king
My master sauron the greatmouth of sauron (freddie)
we be nice to themGollum
come on Mr Frodo, I can't carry it for youSam
My friends, you Aragorn
the grey rain curtain of this world rolls backGandalf
certainty of death, small chance of success,Gimli
you think you are wise mithrandir, yet Denethor
run shadowfax,Gandalf
by all that you hold dear, on this good earth, Aragorn

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