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 Vagabonds and Beggars act: Stipulated that those begging without a licence were to be put in the stocks for 3 days and 3 nights, and be fed on bread and water. The poor who couldn't work were given licenses.
 Justices of the Peace were to issue a licence to the infirm (those who couldn't work) poor. This seperated the beggars from the disabled/orphaned etc.
 Voluntary contributions for the relief of the poor were to be collected by Justices of the Peace and churchwardens, and distributed to those in poverty.
 Public works schemes were suggested in Parliament, but THIS NEVER PASSED due to the reformation.
 'Pity and Mercy' for vagrants, as this act stipulated, was to be discouraged. Branding and Slavery was the punishment for vagrancy.
 Parishes were ordered to register the poor, and Parish councils were given responsibility to alleviate those in poverty.
 This act required that charity for poor-relief was to be collected weekly and distributed to the poor. Those who refused to give to charity were taxed, and persistent nonconformity led to imprisonment
 Each parish was made responsible to provide for its own aged, impotent and sick poor. Introduction of compulsory poor tax. Refusal to work for lawful wages was met with punishment at the discretion of a JP.
 Establishment of 'Houses of Correction' for vagrants.
 An Act for the Necessary Relief of Soldiers and Mariners stated that “Every parish shall be charged with a sum weekly towards the relief of sick hurt, maimed soldiers and mariners”. This was possibly due to heavy injuries during the Spanish Armada in 1588
 Raised poor taxes, including those for maimed soldiers as stipulated in the previous 1593 act. Hospitals and Work Houses were to be built.
 Consolidated all previous acts into one. Recognised that poverty would not solve itself, rather that the government should take social action.

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