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Can you name the musicians who have appeared on The Simpsons from the clues?

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You may remember them for such things asMusician / BandEpisode
Homer and the gang mistake this singer for somebody's Valentine giftI'm With Cupid
This singer and his wife give Lisa some sage advice on her new lifestyleLisa the Vegetarian
This band causes extra friction between the two halves of SpringfieldA Tale of Two Springfields
This duo runs the musical summer camp that Lisa attendsElementary School Musical
Somehow Homer convinces this band to play in his garageHomer the Moe
Bart has a run in with this duo while learning to play the drumsJazzy and the Pussycats
The king of feeling good performs on a poorly built bandstandBart's Inner Child
Who else could play a magical space coyote?El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer
Marge has a close encounter with her favourite singerMarge Gets a Job
This singer and his little friends rock spring break in FloridaKill the Alligator and Run
The pop singer who presents the Springfield Pride Awards with Kent BrockmanThe Mansion Family
One of the many bands attending LollapaloozaHomerpalooza
As aboveHomerpalooza
As aboveHomerpalooza
Him with the inflatable pigHomerpalooza
Otto's favourite band, until they tell him to never listen to their music againThe Mook, The Chef, The Wife & Her Homer
They can't get enough of that new taste sensation!Flaming Moe's
Almost became US president thanks to Homer's TV showPolitically Inept with Homer Simpson
Held a private performance for Bart and HomerMillion Dollar Maybe
Marge painted dozens of portraits of this drummerBrush with Greatness
One of the many celebrities you can see in Capital CityDancin' Homer
Saved from performing at Moe's only to end up on Krusty's showKrusty Gets Kancelled
This singer is also on the Komeback Special when she isn't cleaning up highwaysKrusty Gets Kancelled
You may remember them for such things asMusician / BandEpisode
Loves ladies. Hates Whacking DayWhacking Day
Took musical revenge against Mr BurnsWho Shot Mr Burns?
Serenaded the astronauts as they faced potato chip perilDeep Space Homer
Performed at the Superbowl half-time show in a Snoopy outfitSunday Cruddy Sunday
One of the men behind 'Everybody Hates Ned Flanders'Dude, Where's My Ranch?
Unsurprisingly, this band play at a drug law reform rallyWeekend at Burnsie's
Teacher at the Rock and Roll Fantasy CampHow I Spent my Strummer Vacation
As aboveHow I Spent my Strummer Vacation
As aboveHow I Spent my Strummer Vacation
As aboveHow I Spent my Strummer Vacation
As aboveHow I Spent my Strummer Vacation
Helped sing the charity single for poor Timmy O'Toole - then tries to dig him outRadio Bart
Played a very familiar piece of music during the movieThe Simpsons Movie
These guys hang out in Tony Hawk's skate parkBarting Over
Mr Burns cant tell them apart from the Rolling Stones apparentlyRosebud
The Be Sharps are good but this musician knows its been done beforeHomer's Barbershop Quartet
Convinces Homer to give Marge another chanceThree Gays of the Condo
This band didn't appreciate their concert being interrupted by Homer's politicsTrash of the Titans
Sings a song about beer. Its nothing but beerHe Loves to Fly and he D'ohs
The band that made Bart want to be a rock starThe Otto Show
Even these guys are starstruck by The Party PosseNew Kids on the Blecch
Made it big with a stolen tune at the expense of a down on her luck country singerPapa Don't Leech

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