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smartest in the triohermione granger
The smartest of the trio
The one with the scar
The red head boy on trio
Ron's owl
ball during tri wizard
Three headed dog
After gettin out of azkaban who is Sirius Blacks first friend
Forest next to Hogwarts
Half giant
Weasley mother
Weasley father
Weasley twins
youngest Weasly
Weasly that was a prefect while harry was at school
Weasley in romania
Weasley working for Gringotts
Potion Hermione makes in 2nd book
gets killed in book but not movie
Hermione's cat's fur color
Weasley hair color
Harry's mother
smartest in the triohermione granger
Harry's father
Harry's family pet
Harry's owl's name
Voldermort's real name
Potions teacher books 1-5
Transfiguration teacher
Herbolgy Teacher
Student who loves herboly
unordinary Ravenclaw
Harry first likes
Gryffindor ghost
Slytherin ghost
Hufflepuff ghost
Ravenclaw ghost
House for courage
House for anbition
House for loyalty
House for wit
Magic school
McGonagall turn her desk into
Houseelf who doesn't do a good job at saving Harry's life
Black's house elf
Black's house
smartest in the triohermione granger
Harry's cousin
Harry's uncle
Harry's aunt
Dursley's house
Sirius's 2 code names
non-magical people
rude name for parents who aren't magical
parent who is isn't a wizard and one who is
family of all wizards
Leaves a bloody trail in history
Hermione's middle name
History of magic teacher
Author of books
the person who pretended to be Mad Eye Moody
who works in the kickens at Hogwarts
what is one thing the room of requirment can't supply
Harry's middle name
how does Snape die
where was the death eater meeting held in the 7th book
assigned to kill Dumbledore
color of the hogwats express

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