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Can you name the words that will finish the chapter titles from book 9 of the Wheel of Time (Winter's Heart)?

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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: ______Precipitation
Leaving the ______Masema Dagar
______Rituals or conventions
______Cairhien's has a rising sun; Andor's a lion
The Scent of ______A side-effect of channeling tainted saidin
The Streets of ______City partially built by Ogier
Sea Folk and ______Group of female channelers
A Cup of ______It might be spiked with forkroot
A Plan ______It works!
______ of ImportanceNotions
A ______ in WinterElayne's sigil
______ NewsDelightful
What a _____ HidesWorn by Aiel
In Need of a ______Someone who casts bells
An ______ EncounterNot planned
______ RibbonsThey belong to Tylin
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
An ______A proposition
______ WomenMat helps Joline, Teslyn, and Edesina escape Ebou Dar
Questions of ______What Colavaere was guilty of
A Matter of ______What damane are considered to be by the Seanchan
Out of Thin ______An element of the One Power
To Lose the ______Symnbol of Cairhien
______ the CounselsAmid
______They hold together a Warder and Aes Sedai
______Assumption or belief
To Surprise ______ and KingsMorgase, Elayne, Tenobia etc.
News in a _____ SackMaterial
Another ______Design
Cold, ______ RaindropsAdjective often used to describe Rand's angreal of a man
What the ______ SaidThey are the ones who told Mat that he would marry Tuon
A Portion of ______Term for a village healer
Blue ______ StreetNamed after a fish
The ______'s SecretA golden ter'angreal possessed by Cadsuane
With the Choedan ______A pair of giant sa'angreal

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