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Can you name the words that will finish the chapter titles from book 7 of the Wheel of Time (A Crown of Swords)?

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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: _____sElectric bolts that strike from the sky
High ______A feast day where people reflect on their blessings
The ______'s YardSomeone who sells meat
Hill of the ______ DawnA color
Into _____Nation Moiraine orginates from
A ______ CrownCrown of Saldaea
Old Fear, and New ______Terror
Pitfalls and ______A type of trap you might fall over
The Figure_____What Egwene hopes to become for the Aes Sedai
A Pair of ______A fish Siuan oftens talks about
Unseen ______Watching from the shadows
An ______A pledge
A Morning of ______A win
The Bowl of the ______A ter'angreal found in Ebou Dar
White ______Decorations often worn on helmets
______e.g. ants, beetles, flies
A Touch on the ______Face
The Triumph of ______Doing the White Ajah proud
As the ______ Breaks the EarthFarming tool
Diamonds and ______Common shape seen on sigils e.g. Ghealdan, House Pendar
______ Within PatternsMotifs
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Swovan ______A holiday, which Mat once spent in Ebou Dar being attacked by Darkfriends
_____ SacrificesThough not insignificant
Next Door to a ______One who works a loom
The ______Group of White Tower runaways
Mind_____A cour'souvra
The Irrevocable _____Oath or vow
To Be ______By yourself
Bread and ______Food item; Dorlan is famed for it
The Festival of ______Holiday where everyone wears feathers
The First ______Drink from it
______Old Tongue for: 'love lost'
Sealed to the ______Information meant only for the Amyrlin Seat
A ______A source of wonder for Aviendha, who is still becoming accustomed to water
______Rand, Mat, Perrin
Into the ______Forest
A Note from the ______The note is from Tylin
______ StoriesThe inn (The Golden Crown of Heaven) has several floors
Promises to ______Not break
______Rand has many of these at his command thanks to the Aiel
A Crown of ______As worn by the King of Illian

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