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Can you name the words that will finish the chapter titles from book 6 of the Wheel of Time (Lord of Chaos)?

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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: The First ______Communication
______ on the HillAnimal associated with the throne of Andor
A New ______An old face shows up
A Woman's ______She stares at Rand with resentment
A Sense of ______Rand and the Aiel do not understand each other's
A Different ______What Mat does with a serving girl in the common room
Threads Woven of ______Evil
A Matter of ______The act of contemplation
The Storm ______Book 12
A Saying in the ______e.g. 'The Look of the Eyeless is fear'
Lessons and ______Who gives the lessons?
______ and AnswersQueries
Under the ______You might wear a veil to shield yourself from it
Dreams and ______They can be dangerous in the World of Dreams
A Pile of ______Very familiar to the Aiel
Tellings of the ______The cosmic loom
The Wheel of a ______From cradle to grave
A Taste of ______Being alone
Matters of ______'Obligation'
From the ______e.g. Tsofu, Shangtai, Jentoine
To Shadar ______'Place where the Shadow waits'
Heading ______Towards Tear
To ______ a MessageMake sense of
An ______A diplomatic mission
Like Lightning and ______Common component of a storm
Connecting ______Joining the dots
______Carried by a messenger, often sealed or written in code
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Fire and ______The element that men and women are equally adept at chanelling
To ______ AgainNyneave utilises her greatest skill
Red ______Used to affix a seal to paper
Summoned in ______Speed
______ to StrengthenBravery
Journey to ______A small village in Altara
In the Hall of the ______Central Aes Sedai council
The ______ is RaisedEgwene al'Vere
When ______ BeginsCombat
A Sudden ______Maybe it's gotten cold
______Potentials or capabilities
Unexpected ______The result of Min, Elayne and Aviednha getting along surprisingly well
A ______A warning or hazard
The ______ TowerWhere men come to learn to channel
The Crown of ______Worn by the Queen of Andor
The Color of ______Something that Mat does not exhibit in Aes Sedai
A ______ ThoughtSharp-tasting
Beyond the ______Point of entry
The Wandering ______An inn in Ebou Dar
Leaning on the ______What a married Ebou Dari woman would wear around her neck
The Mirror of ______The ability to alter your appearance or become invisible
The ______Kidnapping, capturing, seizing, arresting etc.
Weaves of the ______What is wielded by chanelers
The Feast of ______A two-day holiday celebrated with lamps and candles
The ______Perrin gets a message out to amass the wolves
Duami's ______Where the first Aes Sedai swear fealty to Rand
The ______In response to a question

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