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Can you name the words that will finish the chapter titles from book 5 of the Wheel of Time (Fires of Heaven)?

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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: The First ______ FallSmall glowing particles
______ the SparksCreating a breeze
______Where clan chiefs in waiting and apprentice Wise Ones must all eventually go
______ ShadowsWan
______Time that the Dark One is Lord of
Among the ______ OnesFemale Aiel leaders
_____waysUsed for Traveling
A ______Leaving
Over the ______Boundary
A ______A beacon
Figs and ______Small animals
The Nine ______ HitchAn inn in Lugard
An Old ______For smoking tabac
A Small Room in ______Town in Amadicia
______People coming together to hold discussions
What Can be Learned in ______Egwene is particularly suited to learn things here
An Unexpected ______A proposal
Heading ______Towards Ghealdan, from Andor
A Hound of ______A Darkhound
______What Birgitte finds herself losing
Jangai ______Start of the Silk Road
The Gift of a ______This one belonged to Laman
Birdcalls by ______When it's dark
'The ______, I Give You'What the Aiel take when they conquer
A ______ SentCan be carried by pigeons
Dreams of ______An extremely handsome man
Sallie ______Code name for where the rebel Aes Sedai gather
The ______ of DiffidenceAction or routine
______Unable to escape
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Memories of ______Bashere's homeland
A ______A bet
The ______ SnowsDistant
A ______ SpearSuitable for a diminutive person
A Question of ______Red
A ______ ArrowOne of Birgitte's
______ AwayTorn out of the Pattern
A New ______To hide your identity
Performances in ______A town in Ghealdan
An Old ______What Uno is to Nynaeve
______ in SamaraMeetings
The ______ WeavesThe Dark One wants to break it
The Craft of ______ TovereA Cairhienin lensmaker
Before the ______What Birgitte might fire
This ______, This DayLocation
The Lesser ______Unhappiness
After the ______One might be created with the Bowl of Winds
Other _____, Other WeaponsConflicts
The Price of a _____Favored mode of transportation of the Atha'an Miere
To ______A large town, where the rivers Boern and Eldar meet
To _____, and LearnThe goal of Rand's schools
News Comes to _____City of Daes Daemar
______ WordsGrowing dimmer
To ______Rand Travels here by Gateway to confront Rahvin
The Threads ______If they are on fire
Glowing ______Hot coals

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