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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: Fortress of the ______Stronghold of the Whitecloaks
______Biding your time
______A raging torrent of Power
News from the _____Almoth ______
Shadows ______They're not awake
Nightmares ______Moving about
The Hunt ______Gets underway
The Way Out of the ______e.g. Misty
______A village in Ghealdan
______ DreamsHopper
______Things that are hidden
Tar ______Where the Aes Sedai are based
The Amyrlin ______Siuan Sanche
______What the members of the White Tower must receive when they break the rules
The Bite of ______A feature of roses
The ______ ManThey are very hard to see
Hunters ______Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne
The ______ SisterElaida do Avriny a'Roihan
______What the Yellow Ajah are good at
______'A rude _____'
______The acts or instances of visiting
A World of ______Tel'aran'rhiod
The Price of the ______A ter'angreal located in the White Tower
___________ to the flame
______ and DiscoveriesUsual activity of raken, Far Dareis Mai, Vanin
Behind a ______They managed to get in, even though they couldn't find a key
______World of Dreams
A Way _____An exit
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
A Trap to ______Pounce
The First ______What you do with dice
The Woman of ______Capital of Tarabon
The First ______On which Mat plans to leave Tar Valon
Within the ______A combination of flows of the Power
A Different ______Activity more suited to ballrooms
The ______Faile
Daughter of the ______Lanfear
Fires in ______A city (and a country)
Maidens of the ______Aiel warrior society
Threads in the ______What the Wheel weaves
A ______ in the NightMight be summoned by the Horn of Valere
A Hunter's ______Vow
Easing the ______An inn in Illian
Shadow_____What wolves call Darkhounds
______Has been stalked by a hunter
______City where Morgase reigns
A Message Out of the ______Blackness
To ______ the ShadowCompete against
Following the ______An occupation or trade
A Storm in ______Large coastal city
The ______Perrin's tool
Bait for the ______Fisherman's tool
In Search of a ______Cure
A Flow of the ______One of the elements of the One Power
Into the ___________ of Tear
What is Written in ______Contained in the Karaethon Cycle
People of the ______The Aiel

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