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Can you name the modern wedding anniversary gifts according to Wikipedia?

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1Time on the wall
3As clear as...
4Normally in the kitchen
5Knives, necklaces, heirlooms
6Oak, pine, elm...etc. objects
7Your study needs one
8Either the bed... or goes with leather
9Goods made out of something in the previous clue
10Dishwasher: Finish; the ... standard
11Two things girls love
12Found in oysters
13Cheetahs a poached for their ...
14Cash my Au Adornment
15Rolex, Ice, Versace, Citizen...
16Pots and pans made out of Ag
17Coffee tables, chairs, footstools...
18Description of a pale skin colour
19Third place
20A type of blonde
21Euphonium, serpent horn, treble cornetto...
22A penny is made of...
23Argent platter
24Drums are a m...... i........
26Rembrandt's first work
273D artwork
28Epiphytic plant
29If you're moving you might want some n..... f.....
30Hard carbon
31Watches, clocks...
32Means of transporting, especially a vehicle
33Purpley stones
34Interjection, then slang for a friend
35A green girl's name
36Skeletal communist country
37Granular variety of gypsum
38Old lady's name
39Anagram of a smart _ _ _ _
40A famous Kaiser Chiefs song
41Amphibious cars work on _ _ _ _ and water
42Better absolute area
43Singular of a politically correct gypsy
44Weekly vegetables
45Cobalt gem
46Wordsworth reenactment
47An artist is to a picture as an author is to a _ _ _ _
48To see the stars you need a ...
49Antonym of austerities
55A variant of Latin Smaragdus
60Squished coal
65Turquoise #45
70Pt 78
10010 orange root vegetable dishwasher tablet

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