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QUIZ: Can you name the unusual language from an example sentence?

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SentenceLanguageLanguage Family
O le gagana e tasi e le lava.Austronesian
Eng Sprooch ass ni genuch.Indo–European
Kore rawa e rawaka te reo kotahi.Austronesian
Üts' kiil olõ-i kunagiq küländ.Uralic
Hizkuntza ez da nahikoa.Language isolate
Ni ngai'an nahong un linguåhe.Austronesian
Wan tongo no de nofo.English Creole
Eitt mál er als ikki nóg mikið.Indo–European
Lian ida deit la to'o.Austronesian
Ur yezh hepken n'eo ket a-walc'h.Indo–European
Oqaatsit ataasiinnaat naammanngillat.Eskimo–Aleut
Cha nel un çhangey dy liooar rieau.Indo–European

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