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Former lord of The Arbor, father of Olenna Redwyne and Grandfather of Lord Paxter Redwyne
Member of the Second Sons, said to keep a 'butt boy'
Knight of Sow's Horn, possible distant relation to House Crakehall
Castellan at Storm's End when Stannis and Robert were children
16th son of Walder Frey, killed at the Red Wedding
An old 'jaqqa rhan' or 'mercy man' in Daenerys's small Khalasar
Ironborn raider, killed by Theon for fighting over plunder
Gregor Clegane's squire
Man at arms sworn to House Clegane, constantly swearing
14 year old wildling raider, already married, killed during assault on Castle Black
Septon at Winterfell
Bastard from the Westerlands, member of the Night's Watch
Firstborn daughter of Wylis Manderly
Wildling leader, given leave to settle Stonedoor with his own people
Merchant who briefly travels with Brienne to Duskendale
Distant cousin of the main Greyjoy line, killed in the Battle of Deepwood Motte
Nephew of Lord Jonos Bracken, killed while fighting to retake Stone Henge
Betrothed to Beric Dondarrion
Sellsword, rode with Bronn before dying in a mountain clan attack
3rd son of Tytos Lannister, father of Tyrek, died of a pox

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