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What was Ken Squier's infamous call during Helltrack when Cru did a backflip?
According to Helltrack Bylaw 812.3 bravo, How much must a team have to qualify for Helltrack?
What was the cereal company represented by the bowl obstacle in Helltrack?
What was the time that Cru wanted to get when delivering papers?
What was the names of the Mongoose twins?
Who was the number 1 factory rider in the world?
Who sang the previous song?
Name of the town Helltrack came to?
What was the name of Lori Loughlin's character?
Name the song that played during Helltrack qualifying?
What was the name of Cru's two best friends?
What was the name of the girl Cru wanted to take to the dance on his bike?
What was the one thing that Cru said he would save for someone special?
What was the name of the cop who chased Cru and his friends through the lumber yard?
How high was the inital drop in on Helltrack?
Cru's number on his bike?
What was the name of Cru's boss at the snack bar?
What was the name of Cru's sister?
Who played Cru's mom?
Cru's other friend, one of the answers to question 16, what was the number on his bike?
What was the color of the 1st Rad shirt?
Name the GT rider who raced Helltrack and did the opening title sequence?
During the historic Bicycle Boogie scene, What was the name of the group and the song that was played?
Who was the name of the rider who took 3 big spills during Helltrack?
The man who recited the last question was Alfie Wise, name his character?

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