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QUIZ: Can you name the players who have started a game in the 2016/17 Premier League from France, Germany or the Low Countries?

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Arsenal33 (French)
Arsenal32 (German)
Arsenal26 (German)
Arsenal22 (French)
Arsenal11 (French)
Arsenal1 (French)
Bournemouth8 (Dutch)
Bournemouth3 (French)
Burnley16 (Belgian)
Chelsea36 (Belgian)
Chelsea36 (Belgian)
Chelsea35 (French)
Chelsea3 (French)
Chelsea1 (Dutch)
Chelsea1 (Belgian)
Crystal Palace36 (Belgian)
Crystal Palace25 (French)
Crystal Palace9 (French)
Crystal Palace8 (French)
Crystal Palace8 (Dutch)
Crystal Palace3 (French)
Crystal Palace1 (French)
Everton36 (Belgian)
Everton23 (Belgian)
Everton19 (Dutch)
Everton12 (French)
Leicester City33 (German)
Leicester City8 (German)
Leicester City4 (French)
Liverpool33 (Dutch)
Liverpool28 (Belgian)
Liverpool26 (German)
Liverpool14 (Belgian)
Liverpool10 (German)
Manchester City33 (Belgian)
Manchester City24 (French)
Manchester City20 (German)
Manchester City14 (French)
Manchester City10 (Belgian)
Manchester City9 (German)
Manchester United29 (French)
Manchester United20 (Dutch)
Manchester United18 (Belgian)
Manchester United18 (French)
Manchester United1 (Dutch)
Middlesbrough32 (Dutch)
Southampton21 (Dutch)
Southampton12 (Dutch)
Southampton1 (French)
Stoke City35 (Dutch)
Stoke City35 (Dutch)
Stoke City9 (French)
Stoke City3 (Dutch)
Stoke City2 (German)
Sunderland22 (Belgian)
Sunderland20 (Dutch)
Sunderland18 (Belgian)
Sunderland5 (German)
Sunderland1 (French)
Swansea City27 (Dutch)
Swansea City7 (Dutch)
Swansea City3 (Dutch)
Tottenham Hotspur34 (French)
Tottenham Hotspur33 (Belgian)
Tottenham Hotspur30 (Belgian)
Tottenham Hotspur24 (Belgian)
Tottenham Hotspur8 (French)
Tottenham Hotspur7 (Dutch)
Tottenham Hotspur4 (Dutch)
Watford37 (French)
Watford22 (French)
Watford18 (Dutch)
Watford15 (French)
Watford14 (French)
Watford7 (Belgian)
West Bromwich Albion27 (Belgian)
West Ham United17 (French)
West Ham United11 (French)

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