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Can you name the answers to these questions about Apocalypse Now?

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Who was originally set to direct the film?
What actor was cast as Willard before the role went to Martin Sheen?
Who was the first actor to turn down the role of Willard?
In what Asian country was the movie filmed?
What two word advice did Roger Corman give Coppola before he left for that country?
Who wrote the novel 'Heart of Darkness,' on which the film is based?
Both the character Willard and the actor Sheen are from which U.S. state?
What other Coppola film did writer Michael Herr write the narration for?
What 14-year-old actor lied about his age in order to take part in the film?
Which character loves the smell of napalm in the morning?
What is Willard's first name?
What sport does Robert Duvall's character love?
Marlon Brando read a book about what historical figure to better understand Kurtz?
What kind of animal was slaughtered in the climactic scene?
What song is playing during this scene?
What two words does Brando repeat at the end of the film?
Name one of the two Academy Awards the film received.
Who composed the score for the film?
At what film festival did Apocalypse Now Redux premiere?
What award did the original film win in its first showing at that festival?
What slightly deranged actor plays an unnamed photojournalist?
What is the name of character played by Harrison Ford?
What 'Mail Call' host had a minor role? He had a much more prominent role in a later Vietnam movie.

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