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Can you name the YouTubers from the anagrams?

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Broths GrovelVideo blogging
Decay GrailVideo blogging, Comedy
Bus ScoutComedy, Gaming
Hazer Wite YewVideo blogging, Comedy
A Chipped FlorinVideo blogging
Packs JagVideo blogging
Die Wee PipGaming
Washstand OvenVideo blogging, Comedy, Film
Before HintsFilm, Writing, Directing
Turban RayFashion, Beauty
Jam An ChimpVideo blogging
A Cookeries Chilli SolVideo blogging, Film
Thank TendrilMusical Comedy, Advertising
Ace Lime TempiCooking
Radios Nine FontVideo blogging, Radio
Animals Horny I JowlVideo blogging, Producing
Lazing Ham PiVideo blogging, Radio
Cave UsEducational, Informational
Jabs Learn MenVideo blogging, Comedy
Cooler Leg HumComedy

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