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Can you pick the Super Smash Bros. Characters By Pictures?

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Red cap and blue overalls
Green Cap and blue overalls
Mushroom Kingdoms Princess
Mario's arch nemesis
Protected Mario when he was a child (Green)
Protector of the Cosmos (Mario Series)
The Son of Bowser
The biker of the mario universe (yellow cap)
The king of the jungle (Gorilla)
Donkey Kong's son
Ash's favorite pokemon
Ash's Fire type pokemon
Ash's Fighting type pokemon
A Pokemon thats voice can put you to sleep
A Water type thats very Ninja like
The most powerful physic type pokemon there is
Protagonist in Fire Emblem
Marth is actually this character
Wields a giant sword (Fire Emblem)
Has a magic book of many powers (Fire Emblem)
Has Red hair and is the main character of Fire Emblem:The Blazing Blade
Wheres Green and Is the Hero Hyrule
The Hero of The Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker
The Princess of Hyrule
Zelda's Secret Identity
The arch nemesis of Link
A pink, little, puff ball that can absorb others powers
The primary antagonist of Kirby
A dark shady character that first appeared in Kirby: Super Star
The Main Character of Kid Icarus
The doppelganger of Pit and his rival
The Goddess of kid icarus
The Main character of Metroid
Samus without a suit :P
The Main Character of Star Fox
Fox's sidekick
The main character of Earth Bound
Very much like Ness but with ice powers
The Only Character in Smash from F-Zero
A character from the Game and Watch
The main character of the Pikmin Series
The One Robot in Smash
'Your to Slow!'
The generic character from Animal Crossing
A boy in all Blue that has many different utility in his arm
Your casual Trainer for the Wii
The best boxer there is from Mike Tyson's Punch out
Everyone Favorite Yellow Ghost Eater
The main Character of Xenoblade
The Dog from ____ ____ that picks up the ducks for you
A character from Final Fantasy that wields a Breaker Blade
Has Pistols on her High Heels
Your Own Personal Fighter

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