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QUIZ: Can you name the Name the Dragonball Z Characters!?

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Main Hero, defeated Frieza and many others.
Goku's rival ever since the saiyan saga.
Vegeta's Wife
Goku's Wife
First son of Goku
Son of Vegeta
Second son of Goku
Villian who conquered Namek
Goku's first rival during Dragonball
Guardian of Earth, now.
Goku's childhood friend
Gohan defeated him with a Father-son Kamehameha
A level above saiyan
The level Trunks(Future) went to fight Cell
Gohan went it for the first time to beat Cell
The Trainer of Goku & Krillin in Dragonball
Level Goku went against Majin Buu
Drained energy from Gohan during World Tournament
Enemy Vegeta blew away in Babidi's Spaceship
Enemy Goku blew up in Babidi's Spaceship
Mastermind behind Majin Buu
Vegeta's Enemy on Namek
Taught Goku the spirit bomb
Vegeta killed him during Android Saga
First Guardian of Earth
Tien's butt buddy
Bibidi's creation
What appeared after Buu got rid of his inner evil
What happened when Evil Buu ate Majin Buu
What happened after Goku & Vegeta left Super Buu's body; ultimate evil
Creators of the androids
Son of Bibidi
Good form of Kid Buu after Goku killed him; fought Goku in the Tournament
Wife of Krillin

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