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Can you name the hypothetical 'Still' sequel titles that were never made?

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DescriptionStill titleYear (orig.)
Diamonds are still a girl's best friend, as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell return for a tale of love, money, and nightclub singing.1953
An alien plot has been foiled, but the invaders hatch a new scheme to control humanity. Rowdy Roddy Piper may be dead, but...1988
Can the one-hit Oneders manage to make a comeback in the music business? Director Tom Hanks takes the struggling musicians from rags to riches once again.1996
Jerry, a.k.a. 'Geraldine,' and Osgood just can't seem to hit it off in this hilarious and instantly controversial sequel starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.1959
There's a fine line between stupid and clever in this Rob Reiner mockumentary sequel featuring Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest.1984
Miss Froy has another vital message to send to the London Foreign Office, but is mysteriously kidnapped in this Hitchcock sequel that never saw the light of day.1938
The pan-ethnic comedy duo still spends a great deal of time seeking marijuana and, of course, fast food.2004
Silver is still mined, oil is still drilled, milkshakes are still drunk, and capitalism is still the most evil thing in the universe in this surefire Oscar bait sequel.2007
Old Man Potter menaces Bailey Park once again, but this time the entire Bailey family is ready to stand up to him. And what ever happened to the $8000 Uncle Billy lost?1946
Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes return to the court, despite Woody's obvious handicap.1992
DescriptionStill titleYear (orig.)
More aliens arrive in Los Angeles to sample the nightlife, the music, and of course the women, with hilarious and quirky results.1988
Sidney Poitier is the no-nonsense cop taking on the criminal underworld and the corrupt members of his own police force. Quincy Jones provides the soundtrack once again.1970
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan bring their rom-com magic to the screen once again, although in the age of Facebook, the title may seem a little quaint.1998
Will Smith returns to his post-apocalyptic world... even if it takes some weird retconning to bring him back to life. Maybe he comes back as a zombie this time.2007
Jim Varney returns as the hapless maintenance man assigned to look after a group of kids for the summer. At least he's not going to jail this time.1987
Gary Oldman manages to rebuild his life, only to have another sultry Russian assassin tempt him into another web of murder, deceit, and sadomasochistic sex.1993
Spencer Tracy, Sid Caesar, heck, the entire comedy profession returns for this madcap sequel as dozens of down-on-their-luck people scramble to find $1,000,000 buried in Las Vegas.1963
Lost causes are still the only causes worth fighting for, and fighting corruption in government is a job that never ends in this idealistic Frank Capra political sequel.1939
Twenty years later, Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller are still having trouble staying employed during the economic downturn.1994
OK, so the main characters died in the last film. So what? This Tom Stoppard sequel is just as absurdist as its predecessor.1990

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