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The special originally aired on what network in the United States?CBS
At the festival, this character arrives, gives a short speech, and sings a song about the holiday.Princess Leia Organa
This holiday is similar to what holiday we celebrate on Earth?Christmas
The Wookiee home planet, where Chewbacca attempts to return, is known as what?Kashyyyk
These three members of Chewbacca's family are introduced (name one).His father Itchy (Attichitcuk), his mother Malla (Mallatobuck), and his son Lumpy (Lumpawaroo).
The cartoon introduced this character, who would return as a bounty hunter in 'The Empire Strikes Back.'Boba Fett
It becomes apparent that this character is actually collaborating with which villain from the film series?Darth Vader
The primary plot features Han Solo and Chewbacca attempting to return to Chewbacca's planet to celebrate this holiday.Life Day
The bartender is played by this actress, who would later star in 'The Golden Girls.' She has a song, too.Bea Arthur
Not getting much of an answer, she then contacts Saun Dann, played by this actor best known as Ed Norton in 'The Honeymooners.'Art Carney
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Expecting the arrival of Chewbacca, his mother opens the door and instead finds whom?Stormtroopers
In 2006, Harrison Ford was interviewed by this late night talk show host, who kept returning to the special and even played a clip from it despite Ford's obvious discomfort.Conan O'Brien
Attempting to distract these characters from investigating their home, Chewie's family shows them a video from what 1970s rock group?Jefferson Starship
Downstairs, a message from the Empire announces a curfew. It features this bar from the original movie.The Mos Eisley Cantina
At the conclusion of the cartoon, Chewbacca's son begins watching an instruction manual delivered by an incompetent robot played by this actor and alum of 'The Carol Burnett Show.'Harvey Korman
The character, confronted, escapes using what means of transportation?Jet pack
Hoping to find Chewbacca, his mother contacts which two characters from the original movie?Luke Skywalker & R2D2
This prolific Broadway actress--who also starred on 'Dynasty'--sings a highly suggestive song called 'This Minute Now,' ostensibly as a hologram.Diahann Carroll
The investigators tell Chewbacca's mother to keep Chewbacca's son occupied, which she does by showing him a cartoon by this name.'The Faithful Wookiee'
Chewbacca and Han arrive and dispatch the villainous investigators, allowing the Wookiee family to celebrate a festival at this location.The Tree of Life
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