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Description of wedding Sitcom % Correct
The minister, a friend of the couple, can't get off from work and shows up at the wedding just in time in a World War I costume.Friends
The bride-to-be dies from licking the envelopes for the wedding
invitations, which were toxic.
The groom wants one last hurrah and goes skydiving on the day of his wedding. He gets caught in a tree and eventually arrested. The bride comes to bail him out of jail.Full House
The groom accidentally reveals that the bride is pregnant to her grandmother. One guest injures himself the night before the wedding, and the bride drives him to the hospital.The Office
After vandalizing a water tower, the groom faces possible deportation. He quickly marries, which causes the bride's father to have a heart attack.That '70s Show
The bride's high school boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back, there are no flowers for the ceremony, and the harpist goes into labor.How I Met Your Mother
The groom is delayed at work, so the wedding starts late. He then goes to the wrong church, missing the wedding entirely. The bride and groom are later married in a hospital.Scrubs
The groom proposes in Italy, but is jilted at the altar
when the bride goes back to her ex.
The groom agrees to put on a fake wedding. He convinces his cousin to play the bride. An actual priest steps in at the last minute and the two are actually married.Arrested Development
The bride wakes up on the morning of her wedding with cold feet...literally. She eventually leaves the groom at the altar, riding off on a motorcycle with her ex.Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Description of wedding Sitcom % Correct
The groom is stationed overseas, and so his best friend stands in for him. The groom and bride are married over the telephone.Happy Days
The bride and groom elope in Reno. They then have to repeat the ceremony multiple times to satisfy all of the members of their families.Frasier
The best man gets in a fight with the groom and quits. The new best man hijacks another wedding. The old best man shows up and gets in a fight with the groom at the ceremony.Boy Meets World
The night before, the drunken groom's friends put him in a full body cast, which they leave on for the entire wedding and honeymoon.M*A*S*H
The groom's mother begins dating the bride's father, and they announce their engagement. This leads to the original bride and groom calling off their wedding.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The groom hires a hard rock band to play the wedding, and the bride runs away in tears. A friend becomes crazed after the bride moves in with her family.The Simpsons
The ring falls in a toilet, and the groom reaches in to grab it. His hand gets stuck, and so the wedding takes place in the bathroom.Wings
The groom must overcome multiple personality disorder. The bride must pass a series of tests to prove she is chaste. Cultural differences befuddle most of the guests.Taxi
The bride's friend tries to discourage her from getting married to a homeless man. The bride insists on marrying him anyway. The groom is arrested at the end of the wedding.Newsradio
The bride's brother loses his job and must get a loan from an unsavory neighbor. As the bride and groom exit the ceremony, the groom falls and breaks his leg.Good Times

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