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Can you fill in the missing word in these Sesame Street Golden Books?

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TitleMissing WordLetter
The _______ Mumford Forgets The Magic WordsA
The Monsters On The ___B
_____ To TenC
Big Bird's ___ On The FarmD
The Monster At The ___Of This BookE
The Many _____ Of ErnieF
How To Be A _______G
_____ And Sad, Grouchy And GladH
Bert's Hall Of Great __________I
Just ______J
______, Save The Swamp!K
Shake A ___!L
Cookie ______ And The Cookie TreeM
TitleMissing WordLetter
Oscar's New ________N
Grover's ___ AlphabetO
The Count's ____P
Elmo Can..._____ Like A DuckQ
Big Bird's ___ BookR
Big Bird Brings ______ To Sesame StreetS
The ________ BookT
What's __ In The Attic?U
Big Bird ______ Navajo CountyV
Alice's First _____W
Elmo Loves ___Y
___! Pop! Hop! And Other Fun Words to SayZ

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