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Can you name the celebrities or characters whose first names rhyme?

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Last namesFirst names
Oakley, Devito, Ramirez
Sevigny, Tribbiani, Deschanel
Hax, Monroe, Fenn
Fife, Wilson, Edgar
Adams, Eagle, Adams
Wiggum, Drew, Butler
Ripa, Furtado, Duvall, Savalas
Cox, Long, Pasteur, Griffin
Arthur, Williams, Prynne, Bangs
Becker, Day, Albert, Cole
Dennings, Bomer, Turner, Boone
Radley, Brees, Rawls, Sutcliffe
Newton, Nash, Grier, Malone
Porter, Coen, Mather, Gallagher
Swan, Reese, Fitzgerald, Stevens
Harmon, Berry, Mikita, Morrison
Simmons, Grissom, McCorkle, Helmuth, Smith
Griffith, Norwood, Moore, Travis, Duncan
Arthur, Larson, Snider, Lafleur, Teabing
Jones, Allen, Chabert, Keach, Gold
Young, Smiley, Flagston, Patel, Burrell
O'Neill, Savage, Bartlet, Beatty, Grange, Turner
Madison, Hunter, Brown, North, Sherman, Cleaver
Fantana, Clark, Fleetwood, Hornby, Fox, Morrow
Cook, Asher, Kiffin, Stewart, Wilson, Grey
Thomas, Spiller, Tanner, Manuel, Harvey, Hooker
Goodman, Crane, Youngman, Craig, G, Leonard, Marshall
Adams, Solo, Van Eyck, Glenn, Chaney, Hubbard, Hayes
Larkin, Underwood, Hart, Chapin, Lewis, King, Shelley, Mason, Hatcher
Matthews, Wray, Davis, Z, Starr, West, Charles, Diggs, Parker

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