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Easter is linked in many ways to which Jewish holiday?
The holiday of Easter is preceded by which season of the Christian church?
What is the color associated with Lent in the Christian church?
What is the color associated with Easter in the Christian church?
True or False: In the Easter story told in Matthew, Jesus only appears twice after his resurrection, once to Mary Magdalene and once to the remaining 11 disciples.
In the Easter story told in Luke, the resurrected Jesus eats something, thus supporting his claim that he is not a ghost. What does he eat?
In one story in the gospel of John, Jesus seems to reappear on Earth specifically for one of the disciples. Which one?
True or False: Different churches celebrate Easter during the same year on different dates.
What was on the inside of the first Faberge egg?
Who is traditionally credited with organizing the first Washington egg roll?
True or False: There is an episode of Malcolm in the Middle where one character bets he can eat 100 Peeps in one sitting, then spends the bulk of the rest of the episode trying.
True or False: Scientists at Emory College once conducted legitimate, serious experiments to show that PeepsĀ® are virtually indestructible.
For which country are solving murders and playing Yahtzee common Easter traditions?
For which country is making centerpieces from feathers a common Easter tradition?
Before 1941, the majority of Easter lilies in the USA were imported from which country?

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