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QUIZ: Can you guess whether these Christmas-themed websites are real (R) or fake (F)?

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WebsiteReal (R) or Fake (F)?Description
www.christmasshopping.comYou submit your list of items, and this site finds the lowest price for them and has them delivered to your door.
www.christmasmiracles.comInspirational stories about unbelievable and wondrous things that have happened to people on or around Christmas Day.
www.christmascreche.comA webcam of a nativity scene in which the site administrators move the characters around each day.
www.christmasbelles.comSite featuring (apparently Southern?) women in sexy Christmas garb, which is available for purchase.
www.christmasvalley.comReal estate company offering property in the town of Christmas Valley, Oregon.
www.christmascleanse.comConnects people who are undergoing a dietary cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas, given the amount of heavy eating that takes place.
www.christmascarols.comSocial media site connecting people with holiday names such as 'Carol' and 'Holly' who were born on or around Christmas Day.
www.christmastickets.comSite of the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant, 'South Florida's Own Emmy Award Winning Holiday Sensation!'
WebsiteReal (R) or Fake (F)?Description
www.christmastraditions.comHoliday store selling ornaments and decorations for numerous special days, not just Christmas.
www.christmastrees.comSite that guides prospective buyers through the 'real vs. fake' question and advises on Christmas tree care.
www.christmasinjuly.comSite about the annual 'Christmas In July' festival held in the town of Christmas, Florida.
www.christmaslightsetc.comSite selling every kind of Christmas light and lit Christmas decoration imaginable.
www.christmasjunkie.comKeeps a 'Top 50' list of other Christmas websites for your browsing convenience.
www.christmasrapping.comGeneral Christmas blog with decorating tips, recipes, and more.
www.christmasradio.comSite broadcasting Christmas music year-round.

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