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What year was the team founded?
Who was the team founded by?
What was the stadium they shared with the reds from 1970 until 1999?
What is the common cheer and mascot for the bengals?
What team did the bengals play both times in the Super Bowl? (1981/88)
Who was the team's head coach from 1984 to 1991?
What head coach has served the bengals the longest time?
Who won the NFL most valuable player in 1981?
Who is the only coach to win the coach of the year award 2 times?
What other NFL team was founded by Paul Brown?
What was the first stadium the bengals played in?
Which team has a better head to head record? The Browns or the Bengals?
What division was the team in before the AFC North?
The 'Freezer Bowl' was the coldest wind chill game in NFL History played against what team?
Who is the current owner and president of the Bengals?
Who won the NFL most valuable player in 1988?
How many times have the bengals tied games in franchise history?
What was the worst decade (wins and losses) in franchise history?
What was the best decade (wins and losses) in franchise history?
The last four starting quarterbacks are Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and who else?

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