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Can you name the minor characters from the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

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Murdered several times over by Arthur Dent
Zaphod's favorite mother
Anti-clone(s) from Fit The 12th of the radio show
God of the people of Lamuella
Had a raffle on her behalf (she needed a kidney machine)
Small slug, alphabetically next after Arthur Philip Dent
Genetic engineer from the epilogue of book 4
Security robot; Ford re-wires his pleasure circuits
Author of Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations
Designed the Earth, gave us the answer 42
The triple-breasted **** of Eroticon 6
Computer on board the Heart Of Gold
Magician who bet he could make a mountain disappear
Had a dog named Colin
Real-life singer, give Ford & Arthur his pink spaceship
Gardener who didn't cut Tricia's lawn
Arthur's soulmate, conceived at a railway station
One of two mice anxious for the ultimate question
Zaphod's private brain care specialist
Astrologer & advisor to the President of the US
Custodian of the Total Perspective Vortex
Head Waiter of Milliways
Distant ancestor of Mr. Prosser
Patented an ancient and forgotten device: the staircase
1 of 2 Golgafrinchan girls whom Arthur and Ford hit on
God of the Jatravartids
Poetmasters of the Azgoths of Kria
The risingest young executive in the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation
Rockstar who spent some time dead (for tax reason)
Ran against Zaphod in the presidential elections
The founder of the Guide
Chairman of the Board of Judges at the Krikkit War Crimes Trial
Brother of Stavro, owner of Club Alpha
Old woman who sees Arthur & Fenchurch flying
Dog who looks like Ronald Reagan
Vogon who directs Jeltz's constructor fleet
Christens the bulldozer which knocks down Arthur's house
Man who guards God's Final Message to His Creation
Great poet who wrote without education or correction fluid
Customizer of starships; his emblem is an infra-pink lizard
Fourth editor of the guide who never actually resigned
Woman who has been cloned over 578,000,000,000 times
1 of 2 people who return to Deep Thought to find out the answer
The cat who belongs to the man who controls the universe
A man who never married and thus never globbered
1 of 2 people who ask Deep Thought the Ultimate Question
1 of 2 philosophers who demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty
Host at Milliways & The Big Bang Burger Bar
TV anchorwoman who left her show due to being pregnant
Journalist from one of those papers with small pages and big print
Prophet on Lamuella
Author of 'Where God Went Wrong', among other titles
The absolute worst poet in the universe
Representative of a cloning company
Witness in a trial who was injected with too much truth serum
Fictional US President from Book 5
Trillian reported on her wedding to Prince Gid
Man in charge of knocking down Arthur's house
Captain in charge of the destruction of Earth
Vice President of the galaxy
Daughter of Arthur & Trillian
Leader of the band 'Cataclysmic Combo' at Milliways
The Rain God
Hoopy frood, kidnapped along with Zaphod by Frogstar Fighters
Fenchurch's annoying brother
1 of 2 policemen who purse Zaphod to Magrathea
Runs Club Beta
The Tool Maker on Lamuella
Won an award for Norway
Briefly mentioned friend of Diaster Area's star
Norse God
Inventor of the Total Perspective Vortex
Priest who 'marries' clones and anti-clones
Claimed to have found a world inhabited by biros
Porsche-owner who works in advertising
Lives in the outside of the asylum
Immortal being who wants to insult the universe
Former president of the galaxy, co-conspirator of Zaphod
Great-grandfather of Zaphod
Went on a 900-year intergalactic cruise in his office
Great prophet and common swear word
Flolloping mattress

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