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Can you name the NASCAR Rookie of the Year?

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YearDriverCar Number/Sponsor
1954100 Oldsmobile
195775 Mercury
195899 Ford
195943 Oldsmobile
196067 Chevrolet
19615 Pontiac
196260 Plymouth
19635 Dodge
196460 Ford
196524 Lansdale Ford
196648 Econo Wash Dodge
19672 Chevrolet
19685 Ford
196932 Bestline Products Plymouth
197054 Chevrolet
197130 Ballard Racing Ford
YearDriverCar Number/Sponsor
197292 Black Label Ford
197354 Master Chevy Sales
197452 Carling Chevrolet
197547 Hill Racing Chevrolet
197692 Stratagraph Chevrolet
197722 Al Rudd Auto Parts Chevrolet
197825 Louise Smith Chevrolet
19792 Osterlund Enterprises Chevrolet
198090 Truxmore/Sunny King Ford
198147 Race Hill Farm Buick
198250 Performance Connection Pontiac
198317 Hesco Exhaust Pontiac
198488 Gatorade Pontiac
198590 Ultra Seal Ford
198635 Quincy's Steak House Ford
198728 Havoline Ford
YearDriverCar Number/Sponsor
198810 Whitcomb Racing Ford
198984 Miller High Life Buick
199020 Crown Petroleum Oldsmobile
199168 Country Time Oldsmobile
199266 TropArtic Ford
199324 DuPont Auto Finishes Chevrolet
19948 Raybestos Brakes Ford
199541 Kodiak Chevrolet
199630 Pennzoil Pontiac
199731 Lowe's Chevrolet
199828 Texaco/Havoline Ford
199920 Home Depot Pontiac
200017 DeWalt Tools Ford
200129 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet
200212 Alltel Ford
200342 Havoline Dodge
YearDriverCar Number/Sponsor
20049 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge
20055 Kellogg's Chevrolet
200611 FedEx Chevrolet
200742 Texaco/Havoline Dodge
200801 Principal Financial Group Chevrolet
200920 Home Depot Toyota
201034 Extenze Ford
201171 Interstate Moving Services Ford
201233 Circle Sport Chevrolet
201317 Best Buy Ford
201442 Target Chevrolet
201534 CSX 'Play It Safe' Ford
201624 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet
201777 5-hour Energy Toyota

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