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Can you name the Twilight: 133 characters?

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What is the name of bella's daughter?
Who is Renesmee's father?
Who are the three leaders of the Volturi?
Who is the human that serves the Volturi and might become a vampire?
Name all the vampires from the Cullen's that have not hunted for human blood?
Who are all the vampire hybrids?
How many covens fought with the Cullen's in Breaking Dawn part 2?
Who did Sam imprint on?
What Leah's brothers' full name
Who are the rest of the Denali coven and is desceased because of the Volturi before Breaking Dawn part 2?
Can you name one of the six covens that fought with the Cullens?
What was Jane and Alec's special abilities?
Who is the strongest out of the Cullens?(Full Name)
When was Bella transformed and Renesmee born?
Where was Bella and Edward's honeymoon?
Who married Emmett and how many times?
Why did Rosalie marry Emmett four times?
What year was Carlisle transformed?
Who transformed Edward?
When did Edward get transformed?
Why was Edward transformed?
Why did Esme jump off a cliff?
Who likes shopping for clothes?
Why was Alice transformed into a vampire?
Who transformed Jasper into a vampire?
Who was Bella's best friend?
Who is Jacob's father?
What is Benjamin's ability?
What is Benjamin's mate?
Who is Amun's mate?
What is Kate's ability?
Who is Kate's mate?

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