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How many provinces are there in Canada?
What year was Canada declared a country?
What is Canada's largest province/territory by area?
What is Canada's largest province/territory by population?
Who was Canada`s first prime minister?
What river separates Ontario and Qu├ębec (mainly)?
How many Olympic Games has Canada hosted?
Name one of those cities
What is Canada's national animal?
What famous battle did the Canadians win during World War I in 1917?
Harder Questions Now (Type Canada)
What year did Canada get is own flag?
What Canadian wrote In Flanders Fields?
What Canadian attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer?
Name the largest populated city in Canada
True or False? Canada won the War of 1812
What war was Canada's first overseas war?
What continent was that war fought on?
What year did Canada enter World War II?
What beach did the Canadians storm on D-Day?
If you get this next one, you are a true Canadian (Type Leaf)
What are Canada's national sports?

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