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Can you name the video game characters based on these haikus?

Quiz Updated Feb 7, 2012

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HaikuCharacterGame or Series
Dinosaurs beware / Rock-like head hits like hammer / Meat-powered rampage
Lived for centuries / Lived may not be the right word / Up yours, Belmont clan
Summoning, sending / Later I pack heat, Woo-style / Hey, my eyes don't match
Spiky-haired justice / Hit the desk for emphasis / Cry out, 'Objection!!'
Wearing a headband / Strike like a rising dragon / Huh? Who is Sheng Long?
A big bushy beard / Hides mechanical genius / Rock and roll robots
Behind a gas mask / Lurks a mind of great power / Plug it in port 2!
Lord of the mountain / 'Sworn brother' of stony strength / New career as sage
Jumping and mushrooms / But perhaps better known for / Distinctive moustache
Brilliant inventor / With glasses and fire techniques / Creates time portal
Blades and chains for war / A painted man seeks vengeance / All the gods are dicks
The greatest SOLDIER / My mother was an ancient / Oops, no she wasn't
Six sides of friendship / Please escort me through the stage / Goodbye, I *heart* you
African agent / Takes on bio-terrorists / Last costume: racist?
Bearing claw-like blades / Writhes on the ground, dressed as if / for BDSM
Eating dots and fruit / Chased by undead menaces / The bow means female
In cold, steel armor / I hunt down the scum of space / Girl power, baby
A speedy sidekick / Flies like a helicopter / One that has two butts

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