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King Geedorah & Zev Love X are alter egos of which rapper?
'Hawaiian Sophie' is the first charting single by which rapper?
'Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em' by Eric B & Rakim was the first album awarded 5 Mics by the Source. name either of the two producers never given credit for much of the album.
Kanye West sampled which artist for the #1 hit 'Slow Jamz?'
' know the kid got his chipped tooth fixed/hair parted with a barber's preciseness...' Who said this?
'Get Ya Mind Correct' is the debut album of what Texas duo?
2 Chainz is a member of what 'Duffle Bag Boys' duo?
Siblings Breeze Brewin, Queen Herawin, Buddy Slim and DJ Boo make up what group?
What does the acronym stand for in Big K.R.I.T.'s name?
Jim Jonsin won a 2008 Grammy for best Rap Song for producing what song?
'Mutant Mindframe' is the debut album of what Atlanta-based rapper?
Arabian Prince is a founding member of what legendary group?
What producer was behind Chris Rock's 'bigger and blacker' comedy album?
Who produced 'International Players Anthem (I Choose You)' for UGK?
Madlib is to Quasimoto as Flying Lotus is to?
What group gave people the 'gas face?'
The closing song of GZA's 'Liquid Swords' is actually a solo from another rapper. Who is it?
Pharrell Williams co-wrote what #2 hit at the age of 18?
Casual & Pep Love are members of what Oakland, California-based group?
J-88 is the alias of what group?
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The beat for 2Pac's 'How Do U Want It' was originally intended for which rapper?
Biz Markie, Slick Rick & Q-Tip provided uncredited background vocals on what Jay-Z song?
What comedian performed the intro for Talib Kweli's album 'Quality?'
Chris Martin is the lead singer of Coldplay. What legendary producer shares his name?
Kool Keith founded which groundbreaking group in 1984?
'I Want You back' by the Jackson 5 was sampled for what top ten Jay-Z single?
What Chinua Achebe novel shares its title with the fourth studio album by a certain Philadelphia rap group?
Mr. Len & Big Jus are members of what new York-based group?
Name someone who 50 Cent plans to rob on 'How to Rob'
Teenage duo The Whooliganz consisted of Mad Skillz & Mudfoot. Mudfoot now raps & produces under what name?
'Drop' by the Pharcyde predominately samples what pioneering hip hop group?
TLC's 'Waterfalls' was produced by what hip hop production team?
By what name is Lana Michelle Moore better known as?
Killer Mike received a Grammy for featuring on what record?
What rapper was born Bernard Freeman?
J Dilla's cover of 'Think Twice' is an original composition by which jazz musician?
Which beat maker was recruited by Miles Davis to produce his 1992 album 'Doo-Bop?'
Who performed the live instrumentation for Jay-Z's 'MTV Unplugged?'
'The Message' is Dr. Dre's ode to his late brother. Who actually wrote it?
How many problems does Jay-Z have?

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